Council Webelos Ree:


May 13-15

@ Camp Euchee


Webeloree Guidebook 2016.pdf


Hello Scout Leaders and Parents, 

You and your unit are invited to attend the Gulf Coast Council’s Annual WEBELO-REE!  This event offers your 1st and 2nd year WEBELOS*  an opportunity to participate in activities designed especially for them, in a Boy Scout environment.  They will be doing FUN activities meant to give a taste of what being a Boy Scout is like.  Our goal is to inspire them to stay in Cubs, complete their Arrow of Light and move into a Boy Scout troop.  Adults will get information on the program as they go through the events too. 

There will be a series of round robin events to attend on Saturday.  Each will teach a skill and have a competition to see how well the scouts learned it.  Awards will be presented at the campfire program.  This is very similar to a Boy Scout Camporee, competition style.  As those events end, several areas will open so you can choose what to do the rest of the day.

We will have Boy Scouts teach the events with a seasoned Scouter to oversee and answer any questions you may have along the way.  Each event will focus on how the Boy Scouts use resources and build things.  Pay close attention to the cooking demonstration and sample the dishes you’ll be shown how to make.

We’ll all gather after dinner for a demonstration and campfire program with awards.  We hope to show the fun to come when they crossover into a troop.

You may choose to do all your own meals at the campsite ($12 per person), or you may have Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast in the dining hall ($18 per person).

If you have any questions, please contact Bonnie Tierney,


* By this event, your current 3rd and 4th graders should be WEBELOS.  What better way to get them excited after graduation!



Friday:          Registration begins at 4pm.  You will be assigned a campsite and given material to make a den flag if you don’t already have one.

                        Friday is a Parent & Son Fishing Contest.  Once you get your camp set up and patrol together, see what you can catch.  Tell us about your catch 6-8:30pm.

Use Friday night to set up, have a den or family dinner, socialize during a campsite campfire, make a den flag, and review a den yell.  Tell the scouts all the fun things they’ll get to do and assign buddies for the weekend.  Remind them of the camp rules.  After unpacking, please move all vehicles to the parking lot.

For leaders, you can have the den make the menu and duty roster for another example of how Boy Scouts work.  Plan your meals based on equipment you have and discuss the importance of a balanced meal.  Then let the boys make a duty roster of who is responsible of making each meal.  Parent and son teams can be put together to do each meal and clean up.  This gives everyone a chance to help out and get a little down time when it is another group’s turn.

For parents, if you son’s den isn’t attending, come out and we’ll match you up with other WEBELOS.  Then you can come up with a den name and make a den flag together.  Use Friday night to get to know each other.

Saturday:     Opening @ 8:30am

                        Round robin events @ 9am-12pm & 1-2:30pm (See schedule with locations)

                        Lunch 12-1pm in campsite

                        Open areas @ 3pm-5pm (See schedule for open areas)

Dinner/Den Break – If eating in the dining hall, seating starts at 5:30pm.

                        Campfire @ 8pm followed by Cracker Barrel on Dining Hall porch

Sunday:        Breakfast at 7:30, Church Service at 9am, Check out by 11am @ Henson Hall

Extra Notes: It is always good practice to carry some empty Wal-Mart bags around camp for litter, either yours or what was left around camp.  Let’s all help Ranger Larry keep the camp clean!

Our goal is to get WEBELOS excited about the Boy Scout program so they want to stay involved.  There some activities that will help with Outdoorsman and other activity pins that the leader can sign off.

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